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This is no nonsense counseling, designed for people who have become fed up with the way their lives are being lived. It may involve hard and soft approaches to some very difficult problems, but the effort to solve problems must be made in order to reclaim not only the life you once had but the life you want to live now.

My name is Dr. Dave Jones and I want to present an approach to counseling which was once the domain of the churches. We don't rely upon the current verbiage of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and life coaches to reach conclusions. Instead, we are successful with using life changing counseling which has seen immediate life changing results.

Current counseling disciplines are not providing the life changing results that people are searching for. Weeks, months and sometimes years are wasted in needless and unnecessary therapies. Medications are not providing the relief hoped for and instead create side effects not anticipated. We identify causes and solutions for total relief.

I want to provide a Biblical response to the many problems living in our churches.

Since graduating from two Seminaries, with a Masters Degree in Theology in Pastoral Counseling, and a PhD in Christian Counseling, I have been uncomfortable with the stance and treatments for daily difficulties from a biblical point of view. I began to ask, what are the churches doing about depression, and anxiety for that matter? I walk into the church office and I notice business cards for local psychologists and therapists. 

Is there a biblical response the churches should be presenting to the number of their congregants suffering with various life issues? And are Christian Colleges and Universities training Christian Counselors to fall in line with what the secular world now demands is its domain instead of the church?


Church Seminars

  The Steel And Velvet Counseling Ministry provides in depth resources and solutions for Christian life difficulties in church and community seminars across the southeast. Specific hands on Biblical answers and examples are explained to prove that applying scriptural principals to the problems of daily challenges are what is needed to become free of these debilitating issues.  


Get Help When You Need It


Now you can have hope and encouragement anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a cell phone. And who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays?

Imagine how you might be able to contact someone, when you suddenly feel you just can't take it anymore.  Or you have finally become serious about dealing with depression but you don't have time to go get help.  Now, when your responsibilities won't allow you to find the time to get help by going to see someone, just call. On your lunch break, in the car traveling, sitting in a park, when you need help NOW.

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